A little about our family… We are a full-time homeschooling RV family of six. We have 4 girls (14, 7, 4, and 1). They are about as free-spirited as they come. But, they still know how to mind their manners in the southern fashion. We also have a border collie, Sam, and a cat, Milo.

We started our adventure several months ago by pulling our children from the public school system. We loved seeing their minds flourish and return to independent thinking.

Over the summer, we added in a couple of long summer trips on the road packed in just our minivan. It was awesome! Towards the end of the summer, the kids hated to know we were going back home. They would start calling out states that we should u-turn to go see.

Now, we have made that dream a reality. We live full-time in a travel trailer and tour the country. We take in rich opportunities to teach our children, like learning first hand about how glaciers carve out mountains in Yosemite, CA, or driving the advance of General Ulysses S. Grant during the Union’s siege in Vicksburg, MS. We love that our children get a first hand dose of history and science instead of learning through a typical classroom setting. We also incorporate Math and English into our everyday learning.

Together we never have a dull moment and life is always an adventure. But no matter where we are, our children learn about what is important in life… God and family (in that order). Material items can always be replaced. Homes can always be moved. And in our family… we have the motto that “Home is where you park it!”